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The 2022 Marine Corps Marathon is Open for Volunteers

| September 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

The 2022 Marine Corps marathon is open for ham volunteers. The marathon will be on October 30th. This event is the largest regularly held public service/amateur radio volunteer event in the area. It will be the first in-person marathon in two years. Because of demand, there will also be a virtual option in addition to the in-person marathon on the course. Amateur radio operators will, of course, help with the runners on the the in-person course.

Ham radio volunteers partner with the MCM organizers to provide communications assistance along the course to help ensure that the participants are safe and healthy. They observe what is happening on the course and report back to the race organizers. The call for volunteers is open to any amateur radio operator who would like to join.

If you’d like to participate, you can do so at the MCM Ham website.

You must sign up to help out.  The signup process has two parts: you must sign up through the ham signup site so we know what your capabilities are, and through the Marine Corps Marathon volunteer site to be an official MCM volunteer.  While you can sign up in either order (ham first, MCM second or MCM first and ham second),

In many of the past years, the ARPSC has been a supporter of the marine corps marathon. We have provided volunteers and use of our repeater system to help with logistics of the race. Radio amateur volunteers help ensure that runners are safe by helping communications between aide stations and other similar communications-oriented methods.

Picture of a hand held radio tuned to the W4AVA repeater

With our The W4AVA Repeater System’s excellent footprint, it has been a great asset to ensure that the marathon has working communication during the event.

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