• Emergency and public service communications shall have priority over all other communications.

• Give priority to mobile stations: Variations in travel distance, terrain and repeater coverage may make it difficult for mobile stations to hold the repeater reliably.

• Welcome and include newcomers & visitors: Please be courteous & friendly. The W4KGC repeater is open to all and repeater use should be encouraged.

• Practice good repeater etiquette: Basic repeater etiquette includes standing by for the courtesy tone so breaking stations may be heard and the repeater timer can reset; keeping transmissions brief when a round-table has assembled; and listening so you can learn and follow the established round-table sequence.

• FCC Rules / Good conduct: W4KGC repeater users are expected to know and conduct themselves according to all applicable FCC rules and established principles of good Amateur Radio practice. NNARC has adopted a zero-tolerance policy for unlawful, discourteous, or other behavior that may not reflect well on NNARC or Amateur Radio in general.

• Use PL tone 107.2 to access the W4KGC repeater.

• Public Service Events: Requests to use repeaters for public service events should be submitted in advance to: