Leisurely and impressive DXing on HF

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By John Duggan, WC3Q

The year 2012 comes to a close and it’s been a busy one. I’ve not been able to participate in regular RACES nets due to work commitments, but 2012 has been a successful time for “leisurely DX’ing.” I’ve finally lived in the same spot long enough to earn WAS and DXCC (Phone/Mixed­) certificates using a modest HF station. And it only took about 30 years as a ham to get it done! 🙂

There are a few recent QSO’s that ARPSC members / readers may still be able to “snag”:

  • Republic of South Sudan (Z81),
  • Rodriguez I. (3B9),
  • St. Peter and Paul I. (PT0S),
  • Lesotho (7P),
  • South Cook (E5/S), and
  • Mauritania (5T).

dx mapOther new entities worked (band specific) include: St. Helena I., Angola, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Gibraltar, Faroe Is, and Fernando de Noronha (PY0F).

Perhaps the longest distance QSO’s were with stations on the continent of Antarctica … a mere 9000+ miles. DP0GVN / Neumayer III Station and KC4AAC / Palmer Station are often posted on the DX Cluster.

My station for DX’ing is fairly modest: FT-950, an HF amplified and an inverted HEX beam hanging from a 45′ high oak branch in our back yard. I’ve also started successfully working 40 and 75 meter DX using a long wire and a “Cage” antenna (75 meters).

You can read more about my DX adventures, my station, and antennas – along with posts on EmComm and my “DX Support Team” – by visiting http://wc3q.blogspot.com.

If you’re interested in DX or want to learn more, please drop an email. “DX Hot Spots” can also be tracked, as I work ’em, via real-time ClubLog Twitter posts for new entities as they’re worked (@wc3q).


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